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Meet The Surveyor

About Merestone Land Surveying, PLLC

Merestone Land Surveying, PLLC was established in April 2004 by Michael Flynn, Licensed Surveyor. Mr Flynn has over 20 years experience working with settlement companies, contractors, builders, and Federal and State Government agencies.

Before establishing Merestone Land Surveying in 2004, Mr. Flynn worked for major engineering companies in the Virginia area to include:

  • Dewberry & Davis
  • Springfield Engineering
  • Bengston, De Bell, Elkin & Titus
  • The Engineering Groupe
  • VIKA Engineering
  • Projects

    Merestone Land Surveying, under Mr. Flynn’s direction, has been responsible for major projects in the northern Virginia area including, PULTE/CENTEX Homes, Hampton Inns, FedEx, River Falls, Home Depot, and Quantico Marine Base. Included in these projects are Elevation Certificates, Boundary Surveys, Division Plats, Easements Plats, GPS Surveys, Site Plans, Special Exception Plans, Topographical Surveys, and other services required by the clients. Merestone also performs House Location Surveys and Stakeouts for many Mortgage and Title Companies.

    We have exceptionally trained and competent survey crews. Our crews utilize modern technical field and office equipment. We are completely computerized and are always eager to assist with all of our customer needs and questions.

    • Centex/Pulte Homes
    • Stafford Lakes Village
    • Hampton Inn
    • Stafford, VA
    • River Falls
    • Occoquan, VA
    • Home Depot
    • Quantico Marine Base
    • Caly Builders
    • FedEX
    • Bristol Design
    • Tatitlek Construction
    • Aquia Harbour
    • Fawn Lake

    Please give us a call at 540-752-9197 if you have any additional questions or need a quote.

    Thank you for visiting Merestone Land Surveying, PLLC.


    Why do I need a survey?

    Ensures Marketability:

    It is important to know exactly where your home sits on the lot. It is possible that a mistake was made during the building process, which placed the home in a wrong location such as into the neighbor’s yard or within areas prohibited by building setbacks or easements. This would create serious issues with obtaining a title, and prevent the home from being sellable unless it was picked up and moved within the legal boundaries of the intended property or until additional land or easements were purchased.

    Building Restrictions:

    If you have found a home that you plan to add on to later with a large deck or extra room, a survey can show you where potential building restrictions are on the site. Building setback lines may prevent you from being able to build exactly where you prefer. Additionally, any access or utility easements could prevent you from being able to build a fence or shed in certain areas of your property. Any and all restrictions that are shown on the primary recorded plat can be included on your survey.


    Has the neighbor built a fence that extends onto the property you own or want to buy? A Physical Survey will show if anyone has pushed beyond their boundaries and into your yard. Encroachment problems are sometimes resolved with a simple conversation, but other times these problems must be taken to court. Because of this, potential home buyers are advised to have a land survey done to ensure valuable improvements fall within their respective boundaries.